I used to be a lonely prog boi, always looking for odd time signatures, and exhilarating kind of music, but my local music scene left me deeply unsatisfied.

On one of the jazz fusion klezmer parties, a close friend discretely mentioned Angelina. I gave her a spin. After that day my life has changed to the better. I am, simply speaking, in love…

I feel heard, I feel engaged on every level…

Your loyal listener

Prog Progson

All the classics, all the hits... I have 'em!

Finally! A podcast that would satisfy your most intricate progressive kinks and fetishes! Angelina Takes Requests is a one-of-a-kind, sexy and kinky radio podcast that is meant to familiarize you with obscure pearls of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, progressive metal, electronica and progressive industrial music from around the world!

Angelina will sweet-talk you through your musical journey in a breathy, deep voice with Russian accent as you relax after a long day of hard work on a Monday night. Angelina Understands. Angelina plays music YOU want to hear! Would you like to suggest a song? Just message Angelina Facebook page and request your favorite tune to be played on the next podcast!

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